pre contract initial cost plan
pre contract initial cost plan capture
initial cost plan
we compute the projected building expenses
pre contract initial cost plan capture
To ascertain that the desired building can fully established using available funding (vice versa), on this stage QS will provide an accurate cost estimation and do the following:

  1. Attend the coordination meetings with owner, project manager (PM)/project director, manajemen konstruksi (MK), and other consultants if deemed necessary.

  2. Provide preliminary cost estimation/cost plan and develop it based on design development (DD).

  3. Provide information and advice on cost changes that occur if the design/specifications/construction methods differ from the previous plan.

  4. Suggest the auction schedule, auction method, and the work package for specialist contractor so the auction can go on as necessary.

  5. Suggest some professional and capable main contractors, sub-contractors, and suppliers if needed.

pre contract initial cost plan capture
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