pre contract auction
pre contract auction capture
we guide the auction process and evaluate the contractor's offer
pre contract auction capture
In order for the costs incurred is not too far from QS estimation, QS will evaluate the contractor's offer with a variety of approaches so these costs can be controlled. On this stage QS will do the following:

  1. Examine and evaluate the submitted offer and report it to owner. Including checking arithmetic, item suitability and quantity, unit prices, and attachments needed such as: unit price analysis, list of specs, list of operational staff, equipment, method, time schedule, and everything needed in the tender document.

  2. Attending the clarification meeting to provide feedback on any shortcomings and/or mistakes of the bidders so it will be fixed when they re-submit the tender documents.

  3. Give assistance to the owner to prepare the LOA (Letter of Appointment)/Contract.

pre contract auction capture
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