post contract construction
post contract construction
we evaluate the contractor's accomplishments and the impact of changes
post contract construction
On this phase, we will ensure that contractor monthly invoice is appropriate with their achievement. This time we will do the following:

  1. Attend the kick of meeting with owner/project manager (PM)/project director, manajemen konstruksi (MK), and related contractor.

  2. Do the site inspection on monthly basis to evaluate contractor/sub-contractor achievement/progress.

  3. Prepare monthly progress report & payment recommendation based on the site inspection result.

  4. Evaluate cost addition/reduction of change order/variation order (VO) and clarify with related contractor, owner/PM, and MK.

  5. Prepare financial report of the project for each quartal.

  6. Give feedback to the owner/PM/MK in order to resolve contract-related issues such as time extensions, penalties for exceeding the implementation period, fines for failing to follow instructions, etc.

post contract construction
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