Pasca Kontrak Construction Phase
Pasca Kontrak Construction Phase
Construction Phase
We Oversee Contractor work progress and made Certificate of Payment (CoP) accordingly
Pasca Kontrak Construction Phase
On this phase, we will ensure that Contractor monthly invoice is appropriate with their achievement. This time we will do the following:

  1. Attend the coordination meetings with Owner / Project Manager / Consultant / Contractor if deemed necessary.

  2. Do the site inspection on monthly basis to evaluate Contractor & Sub-Contractor achievement/progress.

  3. Prepare monthly progress report & payment recommendation based on the site inspection result.

  4. Evaluate cost addition/reduction of Variation Works and negotiate it with Contractor / Sub-Contractor.

  5. Prepare financial report of the project for each quartal.

  6. Provide input to the Project Manager to evaluate if there is a claim of time extension from the Contractor / Sub-Contractor.

  7. Provide input to the Project Manager to evaluate if there is a penalty for the Contractor / Sub-Contractor should they fail to meet the project completion time stated on the contract without valid & acceptable reason.

Pasca Kontrak Construction Phase
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